Wednesday, December 15, 2010

advantages and disadvantages of computers

When Charles Babbage invented the computer decades ago, he would probably not have realised the impact it would have  on mankind's future.The importance of computers in today's world can hardly be over-emphasized. Computers have become so much an integral part of the modern age, that we also call thiss period as the computer age.

In the initial years, the computer was a huge, and complex machine that was used for difficult work like performing calculations on raw data and procesing bulk information.This was mainly used in defence and scientific research.Then came the internet. With the arrival of the world wide web,the popularly of computers exceeded all conceivable limits.The invention of the e-mail and birth of efficient search engines further popularized the net.Today computers are an indispensable part of human life. They find their application in all spheres of human activity, ranging from building rockets to exchanging messages.Today, we use computers to store and manage data about people and companies, to diagnose and cure diseases,to book tickets,to teach , to gather information about anything under the sun,to create animation movies and produce special effects,to provide quicker and better quality service to customer in business,to communicate with people anywhere in the world using email, chatting or video-conferencing.

The efficiency and versatility of computers has led to the rise of a new sector called the information technology (IT) industry.The IT revolution took birth in the Silicon Valley in U.S.A, but later spread out to all parts of the world.There are thousands of software development companies today ,in which young engineers work hard to  build software products or provide high quality software services to client businesses all over the world.This industry provides employment to millions of people and keep adding millions every year.The IT industry has been instrumental in creating wealth and opportunities for many developing countries like India and China.

Today life without computers is unimaginable. The old bulky desktop has now given way to laptops,palmtops and tablet PC's.Given the rate at which technology is improving and new devices keep coming , computers promise to enrich our lives even further in the coming years and make our daily chores more convenient and interesting .


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