Wednesday, December 1, 2010

choice of a profession (my career choice)

In olden days, choosing a profession was not all all  a cause of worry. A farmer's son became a farmer,a potter's son a potter , a king's son a king and so on. But in the modern era, it is skill and knowledge ,not the caste or community of a person which decides what profession to choose.

The choice of a right profession is one of the most dreadful tasks a child has to face in his transition from childhood to adolescence.Throughout the early decades of independence, Indian kids had only a few choices like engineering, medicine,teaching, government service etc.But post liberalization, a number of new industries have emerged , providing todays kids with countless career options.Some other new attractive careers are in the IT , food, hospitality ,fashion  and infrastructure industries.

My desire is to become a software engineer when I grow up. My interest in this field has been since my primary school age. I have always had a fascination for computers.I love playing computer games very much. It was this interest in computer games that sparked off my curiosity about how software code is written,how graphics and animation are done .. and questions like. At a very early age I learnt flash and then started creating games in flash. My father saw this talent of mine and introduced me to his friend's son Mr.Jatin Patel who was an engineer with Microsoft corporation.Mr Jatin has been a very valuable mentor since then, giving me proper guidance in charting my career path and developing the necessary skills to succeed in this field.

The basic skill required for an software engineer is to have a sense of logic and commonsense, a mind that can think in many dimensions simultaneously and the knack of solving problems. I regularly solve puzzles and play chess to improve my analytical skills and problem -solving ability.I have also learnt the basics of operating systems like windows, Linux etc, and programming languages like C, C++,Java etc.I have even bugun to write programs in these languages. Another important skill needed to succeedd in the software industry, for that matter any industry is good communication skills. I have enrolled for laguage and personality development courses to sharpen my communication ability and other soft skills.

I am well awre of the pos and cons of becoming an IT enginer. A software softare professional has to work under tremendous pressure, work late nights and has to meet almost impossible deadlines, He might get no time for family and friends. And as one moves up the ladder, the pressure would only increase.

On the brighter side, this job provides the best salary in the industry. Apart from regular salary hikes, one also gets ample opportunity to travel abroad and in the process make a lot of ,money. More than the money, there are a lot of learning opportunities. Also thereis a deep sense of satisfaction in helping to build systems that make people's lives easier.

My plan is to do my bachelors and masters in engineerinf from ths best engineering college in the country and then bag a job in a reputed company like Microsoft or google..Hope that god willing ,everyting turns out fine and I get a chance to pursue the career of my choice and live the life of my dreams.


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  3. Just what I needed.
    The profession to be "Programmer" or "Software Engineer". Thank you.

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