Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hostel life

For most adults, be it bachelors, married people or old folks, the best years of their lives would have been their hostel lives.Hostel life is 'the ideal life', where we are free from Parental pressures and disciplining, and there is no sibling rivalry .It sis almost as if we grow a pair of wings, and are ready to fly high like birds, to the live the life of our dreams

There are many positives to living in a hostel.We need to take care of our own affairs, manage our own stuff,take our own decisions  and so on.This creates a sense of responsibility in us at a relatively early stage, as compared to day scholars who would still be nestled in the warmth of parental care.Also, for those having a disturbed home atmosphere, staying in a hostel comes as a blessing in disguise as it keeps them away from all the trouble and lets them focus on more important things, especially studies.

From an academic perspective also, staying in a hostel proves to be advantageous.We are far removed from the day-to day distractions and other household responsibilities at home.This gives us a lot of time to spend o studies, and secure better grades.Besides studies, hostel life provides us many opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities, lie arts and sports.In most colleges, it is the hostel inmates who take up active roles in organizing events, paticipating in elections etc. By getting involved in all these activities, we develop valuable qualities like responsibility, dedication, hard work and problem solving skills, which would stand us in great stead for our future corporate lives.

But hostel life has its own share of dangers too.Freedom from parental control is a good thing, but only if it is used properly.Students , especially those who have had to live in a highly restricted environment , suddenly cherish the newly found fredom of a hostel.Their only aim would be enjoy. These people often lose sight of what is right  or wrong, and end up with disastrous consequences.Some of them are even mislead into drugs,alcohol etc.Also if the gang we belong to likes to splurge and hang out all the time, we too might be misguided .This would take away our focus from the most important objective, which is to study.Apart from this, hostel life has got other disadvantages like bad food, dirty surroundings and lack of proper facilities.

Thus it is up to the individual to make a choice whether to live in a hostel or not.Moreover , if he decides to experience hostel life, he must be determined to experience it responsibly, in a way that would only benefit him in his later years.

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