Friday, December 17, 2010


In any political establishment , there are legitimate legal and peaceful means of expressing displeasure or disagreement of certain policies of the rulers.The individual or group of individual can voice his protest and attract the attention of the government in a non-violent manner, and then get his demands accepted.This has been the norm for centuries oh human history.

Yet, of late there has emerged a new 'method' adopted by some sections of society to make their voice heard.
It is the path of terror.Terrorism today is one of the biggest problems faced by the world today.Terrorists are a group of people who make use of an extreme form of violence to raise their demands and to get them fulfilled.
These people conduct their activities in a secret manner.They plant bombs at important or crowded places, or sometimes become suicide bombers and come with the bombs themselves.  They hijack planes or buses,take people hostage ,assassinate leaders and conduct mass killings.In the process along with their targets, these demons end up slaughtering innocent men, women and even children.

Almost all of the civilized world has today been a victim of terrorism at some point of time or the other.While the mighty United States had to face the 9/11 attacks,India continues to face regular attacks in many of her cities, including the brutal Mumbai attack of 26/11.Even cities like London,Madrid,Stockholm,Moscow and Paris have borne the brunt of terrorist attacks.The major organizations that indulge in terorist activities are Al-Qaeda,Lashkar, LTTE and many others.

So what is the way out? Is there any solution to this menace?Well, as we continue to search for an answer to this question,the first thing we can do is to defend ourselves from further attacks.each country needs to strengthen its defence forces, police and judicial system and intelligence.We need to fortify our borders and constantly monitor them for any infiltration.Police and the public alike, should be vigilant about any anti-social activity in the neighborhood.Laws must be made more stringent and the judicial process must be efficient so that anybody before committing a crime should think about the consequences of his actions.At a global level, countries must unite to share intelligence and isolate those nations who support the terrorists.

Last but not the least,  governments should sincerely look into the demands of the opposing group and bring them to the discussion table .It must work for the upliftment of the poor because it is the poorest sections who out of frustration often turn towards violence.

If both governments and people all over the world show genuine sense of purpose and desire, then one day we can surely uproot this evil of terrorism from the world.

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