Wednesday, December 15, 2010

autobiography of a car.

I am Jetta,a car manufactured by Volkswagen.I have just been shipped from the facory to the dealer's showroom.Here I will be kept on display till some happy customer comes and buys me.

From where did it all start? Ah, yes I remember.MY Company Volkswagen is a German automaking giant.As everybody knows, the Germans are renowned for their efficiency ,committment to quality and passion for building exciting and innovative products.Any product that comes from Germany is valued and admired for it's quality all over the world.My cousins at Audi too, would surely agree.So I too, was conceived in the German plant a few years back.But I was brought into the world , or as you call it,manufactured in an Indian company.Indians are known for their love and affection, so you can imagine the care and attention I got while I was being made in the factory.I could see tears in the eyes of my engineer parents, while seeing me off to the showroom.

India has one of the world's largest automobile markets, and there is a lot of competition from rival cars.But I am no pushover.I have a sturdy engine which can challenge the best in business.My power steering and automatic transmission make for enjoyable driving.For safety, I have airbags fitted in me,and for comfort I provide soft seats and a lot of foot space.I also have a special climate control system.

But above all, what makes me most desirable is my looks and style.My specially designed head and tail lights would have any car enthusiast fall for me.I am available in thre glitzy colours, black,white and silver.

But there are only two things that I fear. One is the bad condition of roads in India. Secondly , I shudder at the thought that some irresponsible fellow who drives roughly and would not take proper care of me,would come to buy me.

Alas, it seems somebody has agreed to buy me. He looks like a rich businessman and his manners are pleasing.This gives me two reasons to cheer.One, I might get to live in the city and enjoy good roads. Secondly the chap would take good care of me. Hurray! I'm so happy..