Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Best Friend

Man,by instinct,wants companionship as man is a social animal.Man meets numerous people in his journey through life but he does not make friends with all of them.This so happens because the essential condition of friendship is that there should be affinity of temperament,tastes and mind.Only the few in whom man discovers this affinity,he considers worth making friends with and such persons make a lasting niche in our life.

Sam is my friend.He has a charming personality and bears a good moral character.He possesses pleasing manners.He has been brought up in a congenial and healthy environment. Sam is a very obedient to both his parents and teachers.He respects all the elderly people and loves those who are younger to him.

Sam stands first in his class and all the teachers love him and admire him for his abilities.He as a very strong command over spoken and written English.He is a fine  orator and can speak on any topic extempore.

He plays football and is the captain of our school football team.He gets up early in the morning and devotes his time to studies.He also meditates and does yoga. He enjoys complete peace of mind.

He is sincere in all matters and helps me whwnever I need help.I am proud of Sam and want to follow his footsteps in all fields.I thank God for giving me such a dear friend. I also pray to God that our friendship should be enduring and should last forever.