Friday, December 17, 2010

My Hobby

A hobby can be defined as a pursuit which one undertakes in leisure for pleasure and not for profit.Most of us have some hobby or the other in our lives.Some of the popular hobbies are stamp or coin collection,reading fiction,fishing, photography,writing to pen friends,playing games like tennis,hockey etc.Hobbies are a reflection of one's personality, his likes and dislikes , his attitude and temperament.

My hobby is to learn and practise the ancient Japanese martial art of Karate.I have been learning Karate for the
last 5 years, and currently hold a brown black. It was a close friend of mine who introduced me to our neighbourhood karate class. Initially I was very sceptical and never thought I would continue with the class for long.The first thing I saw there was two people engaged in a bout of sparing.I was so fear stricken by that sight.
But gradually I realized that these fights were under the proper supervision of the Master and were held under certain rules of the game.I also got to know that karate is not all about just fighting.It also consists of different segments like combination exercises, breathing practise, flexibility , endurance etc.

Karate helps to develop various aspects of our mind and body.The combination exercises and shadow fighting help to improve concentration , reflexes, and imagination.The meditation  exercises help to regulate our breathing .The endurance activities build stamina and mental as well as physical toughness, and improve build circulation.
Above all, each action in Karate strengthens the muscles joints and ligaments of some part of the body .

As my master says, Fighting comes last in the list of benefits of Karate.Because according to him, Karate suld be used only for self-defence and not to attack anyone .Having said that, today I have the confidence to knock down atleast two people my size together.

I attend Karate classes twice a week and also practise at home three days a week.It has helped me improve my focus and concentration in studies, and thus bring better grades.It have also helped me to remain calm, composed and happy all the time.

The true purpose of a life is to remain happy, and the role of a hobby is to make one happy.In this regard, my hobby of Karate has really helped me to lead a meaningful life.


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